Principlay is a principle at play and principle of playing.
It is a play that is full of principles and about them.
Principles playfully knit a tight and wide network of instructions, ideas, inspirations, connections.

It is made of five parts, one might say principles: U, P, R, I, SE
The order of the principles does not define their hierarchy.
Hierarchy is rather (s)played out when we play the principles, ie we principlay 🙂

Of course the initials of the principlay create yet another playful word and letter game.
In English we can read it as “uprise” and in Slovene as “upri se” which means to resist, go against, give resistance.
Hopefully that trigers some resistance to the principlay itself in you.

A mixture of resistance and distance is needed for one to start to play, and also safety.
Safety is somewhat included in the resistance anyways.

So, let’s go, and resist.
U stands for “ustvarjalnost” which in Slovene means “creativity”.
P stands for “produkcija” which ins Slovene means “production” (mind that not all production is capitalistic)
R stands for “raziskava” which ins Slovene means “research”
I stands for “izobraževanje” which in Slovene means “education”
SE stand for reflective verb in Slovene, and indicates a reflection, a fold(ing) (mind that without folding there is no refelction)

Sure, principlay doesn’t hide where it comes from, it arose from performing arts.
Yet another chance to resist and play along.

The principlay is toying with the idea that it is principle principle, but, hey, don’t take it for granted that it is so, and don’t take it (or yourself) too serious.
Ber serious so you create a series of plays.

As we principlay along we stumble upon structure(-ing) which is case also making website about it.
Vigur Gurdu claims: each structure is an institution (or behaves like an institution).
If we may continue, if structure is made public, that it behaves like a public institution.
And we decided it to structure further.
Each element of principlay is being taken care of by one structure.

U is taken care of by Trip Tych
P is taken care of by International Dance Terrorist Organisation
R is taken care of by Institute (what a surpirse)
I is taken care of by Plazma
SE is taken care of by Commoveo

It wouldn’t be a play if any of these structure couldn’t take care of any or all the elements of principlay.

Last but not least, principlay has a name and also another one: hologram, but that is so widely used, we define it more like hologramic dramaturgy.

So, as IDTO says “Come and don’t join us. Dismember us. And thus you enter.”